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Cashed Out? Think Twice Before Hitting That Reverse Button!

If you have already played or are currently engaged in playing in online casinos, then you might have already found out about the benefits such a virtual environment gives. However, as with brick and mortar casinos, there are several tricks that online casinos use in order to make you play more and lose more money. One of these is the reverse cash out button.

Online casinos require you to play a certain amount of games in order for you to claim your winnings. After you have fulfilled that requirement, you need to hit a 'cash out' button. The online casino will process your request and send you a check after a few days or weeks.

This processing time is a sensitive time for players, as the 'reverse cash out' button would always be there to tempt them. By hitting that reverse cash out button, you reconvert your winnings into online credits, which you use to play in the online casino.

This is the equivalent of re-betting your winnings in a brick-and-mortar casino. Thus, you are risking your winnings in order to have a chance - and only a chance - to win. One of the most valuable virtues in any casino, whether real or virtual, is to know when to stand up and leave. By doing so, you get to keep your winnings.

Hitting the reverse cash out button is equivalent to staying and risking your winnings. If you get bored while waiting for your cash out to be processed, then expect the worst. Your huge winnings could become a major loss if you are not patient enough to wait for that check.

What's more, by adapting a habit of hitting that reverse cash out button, the online casino would most likely delay their processing the next time that you request cashing out. This is because they would be expecting that you would hit that reverse button again. To save the time of processing a winning that could be cancelled, they would of course just wait for that player's action first.

If you want to play more after you have cashed out your winnings, re-deposit a different credit. In that way, you would be sure to collect your winnings.

Never be tempted by that reverse cash out button. Reversing your cash out is equivalent to staying at the table and playing. Remember that the only winners in the casino are those that have the guts to stop playing and leave with their winnings still intact.

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